"Finding homes…not just houses"

It is a good idea!

Maintaining your home adds to the value of your house. This fall, remember to:

  • Test your furnace before it turns cold! Book an appointment to have it cleaned and safety-checked
  • If you heat your home with wood, schedule a chimney clean
  • Ensure your fireplace is clean, there are no cracks and that your damper opens and shuts smoothly and tightly
  • Service/clean your snow blower and stalk up on gas!
  • Clean and re-affix your storm windows
  • Repair threshold seals
  • Apply weather stripping to old windows, doors, outlets
  • Turn off your outside water supply to prevent freezing pipes
  • Clear eaves troughs of fallen leaves
  • Store patio furniture and outdoor planters safely in a shed or garage
  • Protect fragile cedars/trees from winter winds with burlap